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Mobile Legal Aid Clinic (MLAC)

The objective of the mobile legal aid clinic (mlac) is to promote access to justice for low and medium income or marginalized people who are not aware of the legal procedures and concepts and individuals who do not have access to free legal services.

The mobile legal aid clinic is conducted each calendar month on weekend, providing legal aid and legal awareness in the islands of the Maldives. The first of its kind in the Maldives, the MLAC provides brief legal advice to individuals at different
island communities throughout the Maldives.


The program consists of two main events:


Legal advice is given on variety of issues including (not limited to) civil, family, employment, contract, land and other issues. Further to this, we provide form filling assistance on social support allowances. The clients with cases which require further assistance may apply for PILC’s service through our service request form. 

The clinic is conducted in an open area where public can easily reach us.


As a supplementary part of the project, awareness sessions are conducted within the program. The sessions include Awareness on Maldivian Legal System, Employment law, land law and other topics requested by the Island communities. The objective of the sessions is to educate the public on rights and responsibilities under law and promote access to justice. During the session facilitators with participants openly discuss legal issues and their solutions.  interactive session is conducted followed by a Q/A regarding any doubts or clarifications needed by the participants.

At start of the session, participants are given few questions on the topic to assess the knowledge on the topic and the same questions are repeated at the end of the session to analyze the knowledge improved after the session. Participants are given a certificate for the participation. 


The Mobile Legal Aid  Clinic is a project of Public Interest Law Centre (PILC) in collaboration with ABA (American Bar Association) and USAID.