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Uz. Saadhih Naseer
Board Member

Uz. Saadhih Naseer holds a Law Degree from Maldives National University. Uz. Saadhih is a co-founder and board member of Public Interest Law Centre (PILC)

At PILC, Uz. Saadhih is keen on providing pro bono legal services on employment rights related issues. He is also currently working on various law reform and lobbying activities at PILC.

In addition to his work at PILC, Uz. Saadhih has also been working at the Attorney General’s Office as a State Attorney. At the Attorney General’s Office, he has litigated on behalf of the Government of Maldives in numerous high-profile constitutional cases lodged by and against Government ministries and departments at the Employment Tribunal, Magistrate Court, Civil Court, High Court and Supreme Court of Maldives.

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