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Personal Profile


Raya Ali Naseer
Project officer

Raya Ali Naseer is an aspiring law graduate who joined Public Interest Law Centre under an internship in the year of 2021. Her interest to join PILC was driven by her passion to impact the lives of vulnerable and economically marginalized communities. 

Raya completed Bachelors of Shari’ah & Law (Honours) at Islamic University of Maldives and graduated in 2021. She has since then undertaken her license training at PILC under Uza. Maryam Shunana. During her time in Islamic University of Maldives, she was the Vice Academic Secretary at Students Union. 

Since her internship began in PILC in October of 2021, she has been actively contributing to litigation and legal affairs undertaken by PILC. Raya is in the legal team leading the current largest class action lawsuit in Maldives to date and several other landmark cases which PILC has taken on. In addition to litigation, Raya also facilitates and assists legal awareness sessions as part of PILC’s goal to empower, educate and litigate the public. 

Raya’s passion in empowering general public is not only limited to working in litigation as she also works alongside others at PILC in managing and executing several projects which the NGO has taken on and continues to do so. As part of project works, she has written numerous reports and has actively contributed to data management. 

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