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Personal Profile


Uz. Maisam Moosa Ali

Maisam Moosa Ali is an associate at Public Interest Law Centre and has been with the organization since November 2020.

Maisam Moosa Ali has completed Bachelor of Shariah and Law (Honors) from Maldives National University’s Faculty of Shariah and Law in the year 2020.

Maisam has worked with the PILC team in high profile cases and is currently assisting the team and also representing the organizations clients in numerous cases. Maisam’s largest clientele consists of Migrant workers and have assisted a lot of them in receiving unpaid salaries, claims for unfair dismissals from employment and also assisting workers in regards to work visa and passport issues.


Notable Experiences include;


  1. Working on the largest employment class action that was filed in Maldives. Case Ref No. (143/VTR/2020)

  2. Assisting the team in the first ever gerrymandering case in Maldives. Case Ref No. (2019/SC- C/21)

  3. Assisting the team in a claim against STELCO in regards to pollution affecting the organizations clients. Case Ref No. (3046/Cv-C/2021)

  4. Representing numerous local employees and migrant workers at Labour Relations Authority and Employment Tribunal of Maldives.

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