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Empowering Workers – An Initiative By PILC and MTUC

This project focuses on providing capacity building support to Maldivian unions and migrant worker advocates to effectively advocate for and represent the interest of all workers, including migrants. 

Supporting MTUC by providing Legal assistance: 

Under this activity we are conducting legal aid clinics in selected areas with awareness sessions on employment rights. We also conduct public forums to migrant workers with the help of a translator to tackle challenges faced due to language barrier. We are conducting labor law sessions and trainings were union leaders and their members. We are also making educational materials on labor law to distribute among the workers.

Calling to pass Industrial Relations bill

Efforts are being made through policy advocacy and dialogues to ensure that the authorities pass industrial relations law and Occupational Health and Safety law to advance workers’ rights in the country. 


This project is supported by Solidarity Centre.

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